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  • Cushman 634182g01
    Cushman Utility Vehicle. Does not run. Sold as is.
  • Equipment/Shop Manager
    Bethesda Country Club is looking for a highly motivated individual to maintain and improve their Fleet Management and Equipment Operation. The members at BCC have invested roughly 1.2 million dollars in the equipment fleet over the last 4 seasons, plus a new GPS sprayer lease this spring. The club is finishing a bunker renovation, new […]
  • Tru-Turf© R52-ELTac Golf Greens Roller
    The stealthy all electric R52-ELTac Triplex Golf Greens Roller boasts a state of the art 48volt, fully programmable drive system that has ample power and agility to roll the most challenging golf greens without leaving gaps or line crease marks. Unlike its competitors, the R52-ELTac, with its ground breaking efficiency is capable of rolling up […]
  • Isolated
    Glad you enjoyed it, Fred. Without you, it would be really difficult to make these films. Now go back inside.
  • Changing the View
    Thanks Paul! For a wonderfully positive article!! If we all practice the things that you highlighted now and after this passes, we will all be better off!! SN
  • Isolated
    Just what I needed after being quarantined for a week!
  • Jason Cox
    Current student, looking for a job start date ASAP. Live in Iowa but will move anywhere with free housing. 2 years experience. Resume attached.
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  • The Luck of the Irish? All About Clover in Your Lawn
    Is clover a lucky find in your yard, or an intruder that must go? We unpack the truth about the clover and its effect on your lawn. The post The Luck of the Irish? All About Clover in Your Lawn appeared first on Spring Green.
  • Winter Home Maintenance Checklist
    It’s that time of year – winter is in full effect. The time when winter storms are wreaking havoc across the country, bringing ice, snow, sleet, and frigid temps. Your home needs a little extra care during these extreme times of the cold season. You might find yourself at a loss asking common questions about […]
  • Tips to Prevent Salt Damage to Your Lawn This Winter
    Winter brings about driving conditions that are less than optimal, so salt is used. But this solution can wreak havoc on our lawns. The post Tips to Prevent Salt Damage to Your Lawn This Winter appeared first on Spring Green.
  • Winter Lawn Care Tips for Warm Climates
    Let’s unpack the why’s, how’s, and do’s, versus the don’ts of caring for your winter lawn in a southern climate. The post Winter Lawn Care Tips for Warm Climates appeared first on Spring Green.
  • How to Steer Clear of Rodents This Winter
    Many people mistakenly think they don’t have to worry about rodents during the colder months or have the incorrect impression that mice and rats hibernate during winter. So, now that we’ve clarified that a mice or rat infestation CAN actually occur during winter, let’s unpack exactly how homeowners can avoid this undesirable situation. The post […]
  • Deer Damage – Protect Your Landscape This Winter
    In this guide, we’ll unpack the tips you need to follow to keep deer away from your lawn and prevent them from damaging your outdoor sanctuary. The post Deer Damage – Protect Your Landscape This Winter appeared first on Spring Green.
  • BUG OUT! Protect Your Home from Insects This Winter
    Check out our list that outlines everything you need to know to stay bug-free this winter. The post BUG OUT! Protect Your Home from Insects This Winter appeared first on Spring Green.
RSS USDA National Feed
  • Species Profile -- Brown Spruce Longhorned Beetle
    Brown spruce beetle is native to Central Europe and Asia. It has not yet been introduced to the United States but has been established in Nova Scotia, Canada since 1990. It can be spread through the movement of infested wood products. This invasive beetle colonizes and attacks healthy spruce trees.
  • More Than 50 Invasive Carp Captured on Mississippi River
    The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is conducting an immediate response to the capture of 51 invasive carp on the Mississippi River. The invasive carp were caught by two commercial fishing operators near La Crosse and Trempealeau, Wisconsin, during routine spring netting last weekend. In response to this discovery, the DNR is working with the […]
  • Eradicating the Plum Pox Virus
    The 20-year fight against plum pox – a serious agricultural disease capable of devastating stone fruits like peaches, apricots, cherries, and almonds – is finally over, thanks to a cooperative effort by the Agricultural Research Service and their partners.
  • Scientists Uncover How Invasive Plants Gain a Head Start After Fire
    New research from The University of Western Australia has shed light on why some invasive plants make a better comeback after a fire, outstripping native species in the race for resources.
  • Biological "Green" Alternatives to Chemical Pesticides
    ARS entomologist is developing microbial pesticides for the effective control of mosquitoes and the pathogens they transmit.
  • Fall Armyworm Detected in Australia
    The exotic plant pest fall armyworm has been detected for the first time in Australia, in a network of surveillance traps on the northern Torres Strait islands of Saibai and Erub. Head of Biosecurity at the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Lyn O'Connell, said the caterpillar stage of the fall armyworm, also known […]
  • USDA Announces 2020 Plans for Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication Efforts in New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is announcing its plans for combatting the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) in New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio in 2020. "Just last year we declared eradication of ALB from Brooklyn and Queens in New York City, ending the city's 23-year-long battle with the beetle," […]
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