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  • Turf Equipment Technician
    We are looking for a part time or full time turf equipment technician/ shop manager who has John Deere experience. We have a new lease package (2019) as well as a fleet of 2012/2013 John Deere equipment. we have a foley 672 reel grinder as well as a foley 630 bed knife grinder. must be […]
  • Aug 2008 Jacobsen Fairway mower LF 3800
    In very good condition with new bed knives and spun ground reels really low hrs This Jacobsen LF 3800 is powered by a kubota diesel hydro static drive with 7 inch hydraulic reels
  • 2014 Toro Greensmaster® 3150-Q Triplex Greens Mower
    18 hp (13.5 kW) Briggs & Stratton® gasoline engine, governed to 2850 rpm high idle, 1650 rpm low idle. The Greensmaster® 3150-Q is the quietest engine-powered riding greens mower in the industry. Ground Speed – Forward — 1st, mow: 3.8 mph (6.1 km/h); 2nd, transport: 8.1 mph (13 km/h). Reverse — 1.9 mph (3 km/h). […]
  • 2007 Sarel Spiker Supa System Thatch Away Spikers
    Like new! Install on most triplexes.
  • 2015 Toro MULTI PRO 1750
    2015 Toro 1750 with approx 1277 hours! 175 gallon tank with 25 hp Kohler engine. 18.5' spray width. Very nice. Very clean. Rise tanks included. Will have to check on foamers. *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.
  • Vantage Vantage
    As is
  • Advanced Turf Technology Slicer Groomers Vertical Spikers
    Advanced Turf Technology Cartridges..
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  • Your Spring Planting Plan Is Here
    Welcome to May! We know the weather is beautiful, and the time is right to get started on your garden. That’s why we’ve crafted this little beginner’s guide for you to check out as you plan out your spring garden this year. The post Your Spring Planting Plan Is Here appeared first on Spring Green.
  • What to Know About Asian Giant Hornets
    The world's largest hornets have been reported in the US, leaving many to question how dangerous these black and orange insects could be to our ecosystem. The post What to Know About Asian Giant Hornets appeared first on Spring Green.
  • Is Your Lawn Equipment Ready for Spring?
    It might be time to focus on your lawn for a few moments and make sure it’s prepped and ready for the upcoming season. You’ll need to take stock of your equipment, including lawnmowers, weed whackers, edgers, gardening tools, electric power equipment, and garden hoses. Use this checklist to ensure your lawn is healthy. The […]
  • Top Tips for Spring Tree Care
    As we enter into spring and embark on the warm summer months, many homeowners are left grappling with proper tree care as the seasons change. Questions swirl around the tree-loving homeowner’s mind like: How do I care for my trees as they come out of dormancy? How do I help my trees stay healthy in […]
  • Animal Hibernation in My Lawn: Should I Care?
    During the winter months, many animals go into hibernation in order to conserve energy during the harshest season. While the phenomenon of hibernation makes for interesting reading, it can wreak havoc on winter and spring lawns. The types of animals that hibernate in your neighborhood will vary by region, and some are more destructive than […]
  • The Luck of the Irish? All About Clover in Your Lawn
    Is clover a lucky find in your yard, or an intruder that must go? We unpack the truth about the clover and its effect on your lawn. The post The Luck of the Irish? All About Clover in Your Lawn appeared first on Spring Green.
  • Winter Home Maintenance Checklist
    It’s that time of year – winter is in full effect. The time when winter storms are wreaking havoc across the country, bringing ice, snow, sleet, and frigid temps. Your home needs a little extra care during these extreme times of the cold season. You might find yourself at a loss asking common questions about […]
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  • USGS Brown Treesnake Research Continues at Guam National Wildlife Refuge
    On May 14, Director Reilly signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of the Navy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The MOA provides for continuity of operations for the USFWS and the USGS with construction of new office and lab facilities on the Guam National Wildlife Refuge in conjunction with DOD’s construction […]
  • Anglers Urged To Report, Dispose Of Invasive Northern Snakeheads If Caught In Lower Susquehanna River
    The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) is urging anglers to report and dispose of any invasive Northern Snakehead fish that may be caught in the lower Susquehanna River. This advisory follows the documented movement of 21 Northern Snakeheads past the Conowingo Dam into the Conowingo Pool, a 14-mile-long section of the Susquehanna River located […]
  • APHIS Accepts Comments on Environmental Assessment for Release of a Parasitoid Wasp to Control Russian Wheat Aphid
    The United States Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has analyzed the potential environmental impacts of releasing a parasitoid wasp to biologically control the Russian wheat aphid. The Russian wheat aphid is a wingless, pale yellow-green or gray-green insect lightly dusted with white wax powder that feeds and develops on grass […]
  • Species Profile -- Asian Giant Hornet
    Asian giant hornet is native to Asia and was first detected in Washington State in 2019. It possibly was introduced through the illegal importation of live specimens for food and medicinal purposes. This hornet is a pest of honey bees that can cause the complete loss of colonies.
  • New Study Provides Insights for Detecting the Invasive Brown Treesnake
    Researchers from Dickinson College and the U.S. Geological Survey collaborated on field research to understand the ability of human searchers to detect the invasive brown treesnake (BTS) on the island of Guam. Due to their nocturnal and tree-dwelling habits, these snakes are extremely difficult to detect, especially when they are present at low densities in […]
  • After a Blight, the Trees that Survived Need Your Help
    Humans adores trees. But humans also migrate and trade, habits that led to the accidental introduction of insects and diseases that harm trees and alter the landscape. Examples are easy to find and may be outside your front door: American elms that once dotted streets across America succumbed to Dutch elm disease. Now all colors […]
  • Washington Scotch Broom Census Set for May
    The Washington Invasive Species Council, state agencies and researchers are calling for a census in May to help determine the location of Scotch broom throughout the state. "We need everyone's help to size up the problem," said Justin Bush, executive coordinator of the Washington Invasive Species Council. "Without baseline information about the location and population […]