Our Mission

For over 60 years, Vereens has committed to excellence by providing high-quality products at fair prices, ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way. Our top priority remains to treat every customer with the respect and care we'd expect ourselves. By fostering strong relationships with both customers and suppliers, we continue to thrive and keep our community at the heart of what we do.

Who We Serve

At Vereens, we are dedicated to serving a diverse clientele with precision and excellence. We cater to a range of industries including golf courses, lawn care operators, agriculture, and sports fields. Our commitment is to provide high-quality fertilizers and chemicals tailored to the specific needs of each sector we serve. Whether it's ensuring lush greens on golf courses, maintaining vibrant lawns, optimizing crop yields in agriculture, or fostering safe and resilient sports fields, we strive to be the trusted partner that our customers rely on for superior products and expert guidance.

Women Owned

Vereens is proudly owned and operated by women. It is extremely rare for a golf and turf distributor and we are proud to celebrate it. Our roots run deep and we are excited for our future!

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