The Vereens Story

Early Years

It all started in 1946 when J.B. and Josephine Livingston built the “General Store.” From 1946 until 1961 the General store provided gas for your vehicles, gum for the kids, and farming supplies for the farmers. 1962 was the year that birthed Vereens. Newly married couple, Frankie and Linda Vereen took over the General Store and formed Vereens.

The transformation

Vereens became transformed into a multifaceted store that offered a variety of products to suit the needs of farmers, and homeowners. Unfortunately time was changing and farming was falling by the way side fast. That was when Vereens knew it was time for a change and in the late 70’s Vereens took the golf course industry by storm and became Vereens Turf. By the 80’s it was apparent that Vereens Turf needed a way to keep up with the demand thus they acquired their own fertilizer plant in Kingstree, SC.

grass blades
golf course

The Present

Year after prosperous year Vereens was looking for ways to adapt to the changing times and the needs of businesses around them. Time was paving way for the addition of the Equipment line. Today Vereens Stores, Inc is the proud parent company to Vereens Turf, Vereens Fertilizers, and Vereens Equipment.

The Future

 After changing hands to their children (Joey, Andee, and Mindy) within the last ten years, Vereens is now jumping the hurdles of new age technology. No matter what the changing of time brings, the Vereens family and employees are ready to push forward with open minds and excellent customer service.

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